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ae: script for creating folders from comp - name

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hi there.


i m looking for an after effects script,

which can run folders from my comp names, and put the image sequences in.


i just have found a script from http://www.crgreen.com/aescripts/ie/ ( consolidate sequence render ), which can make folders,

but the foldernames have no dependance to the sequencefilenname // or compname, which is the same in my case.

it would be needed.


is there somewhere out a script for this?

did nt find any closer.

apple script would be fine, too.


have searched, but nothing found.



thx in advance.




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I don't have exactly such script ready but it is quite easy to write - use this javascript commands:


first loop through the project:


for (i=0; i <= proj.items.length; i++) {//loop through the project


var curItem = proj.items.length;


if (curItem instanceof CompItem) {//check for comp items


var folder = new Folder(path+compName); //you must set your path and compName (in a loop of your comps)

if (folder.create()) {//creating folder

var myRQItem = app.project.renderQueue.items.add(compComp) ;//adding your comp to render queue


myRQItem.outputModules[0].applyTemplate("QT HD 720");//here you can set output template

myRQItem.outputModules[0].file =new File(f+"HD 720.mov");//output file name



else {

//error folder creation





You must refine this script to make it work but all neccesery commands you have. Good luck.

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Arrange Project Items Into Folders should do the trick: http://aescripts.com/arrange-project-items-into-folders/


But for a better workflow tool if you work with image sequences a lot is Immigration http://Aescripts.com/immigration it has an option to mirror the finder folder hierarchy so if your sequences are arranged in folders I the finder they will be imported with the same folder structure



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