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Looking for a wordpress theme for a portfolio

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For redoing my portfolio I'm looking toward wordpress although i don't need a blog.

I've came accross these two





But in each one there were some problems, in the first you couldn't have a video and stills on your project page. in the second video integration was none and embedded vimeo videos has some issues.


Idealy i need only two types of pages. A simple text page and a mosaic page.

The mosaic page leads to projects which contains video and stills. Ideally navigation would happen at the mosaic level without going back and forth.

Universal video player that work on ipad etc Or .mov support and vimeo integration.


A minimalistic look is perfectly fine.

Has anyone managed to find this?



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I think i'm going to roll with that one:




The problem with stock elements is that there is always some detail that don't behave the way you want them.

I'll have to put additionnal images and text with the code for the embedded video.


Do you guys have problems with vimeo with the ipad ?

I've heard older videos can't be seen on the device but on my old iphone neither fresh videos work.

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