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1st complete animation with Cinema 4d and After Effects.


song is Ty Segall - Untitled #2.


any advice is welcome. anything you don't like, please lemme know why.


and comment on youtube if you want

click like

or any of that garbage!


thanks for the feedbackz,





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You take waaaay too long with insipid 2-d lines before getting to the cool stuff in 3d space.

Most art directors would stop watching before you got there. Really nice path with 3d

elements springing up as you go. Nice displacement and other 3d work. You just need

to brutally cut it down.

Edited by tomcat

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I'm not bothered by the amount of time spent on 2d. I'm bothered by the fact that I just sat through a minute and a half of... what, exactly? I don't know what this is. Is it some kind of technical demo? Are you demonstrating how a line cuts through a cone? Are you demonstrating fracture objects? Are you showing us how metaballs work? Like... I honestly don't know what I'm watching or why I'm watching it.


So, things I don't like: there's no point to any of it. It's an edit of some stuff you rendered out, with your logo at the end.


Harsh, but a pretty honest assessment, no?

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