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Stooch.tv Reel 2012

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There's some lovely stuff in there. It's a good collection. Although I do think it would be a stronger presentation if a few of the projects were cut out to focus attention on the really choice material.


There are a few shots that are lingering well beyond the point of their own usefulness to your audience. Mountain Dew and your final submarine spaceship shot are the most obvious at 10s and 30s, respectively. Neither of them has anything to say beyond what they've said in the first 3-5 seconds, and beyond that your audience is just sitting there docking points off of your apparent self-editing skills. The impression is really that you're just buying time, waiting for the clock to run out on your audio track. But that's not really an acceptable strategy in any project.


You may also want to re-evaluate a few of your vfx shots and/or breakdowns. The opening clip of the girl is shot and graded nicely, but the ink effect stands out as the weakest link by far. The same is really true of the colorful smoke effects shots. The footage is well made, but the vfx are the low point, and your breakdown of them suggests that your responsibility was the vfx and not the shooting, which further suggests that you took something well made and made it worse. True or not, that's clearly not the message you want to be sending. Likewise, the shots of the kids being sucked in and out of the movie posters... probably not your best stuff. Show instances where you've added value, not where you've cheesed.


This stuff stands in strange contrast to your space battle shots, and the burger king spot, and so forth. It seems like you could cut a much stronger reel if you look at your work more objectively, and expect that you're not going to fill over 2 minutes.

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