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Question about large Cinema 4D scene

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I am a motion designer familiar with end tags and the occasional title sequence. Recently my work has tasked me to animate a 2 minute first person cartoon prototype.

  • We begin in a living room
  • Walk out a door to the backyard where we hop into a fighter jet.
  • We maneuver out the side gate to the main road, which is then used as a runway.
  • After take-off we fly over mountains, observing the terrain, then electing to fly to hawaii.
  • In our new direction the scenery changes to ocean where we run into a group of fighter jets who want to battle.
  • After winning the dog fight we notice Hawaii on the horizon and continue flying to a smooth landing.

Originally I broke it into scenes and used tricks like looking up or down to cut. The problem I had was pacing and speed of flight never seamlessly cut together.


I then elected to draw a very long long long spline and animate throughout each situation seamlessly. Now Im dealing with the inconvenience of a 500k long spline and the dreaded timing changes bound to come from creative.


How would you all tackle this assignment?



Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,


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How would you all tackle this assignment?


Animatics Wireframes + Editorial, then separate projects.


Like most projects, the edit will be king here. Once the edit / animatic is locked, 'online' it shot by shot.

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