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2013 butlerm show reel

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Wow, this is kind of a step up, if I remember. You're making some serious headway.

This is a pretty good reel. But it could be great. Do you want it to be great? If so, you're gonna have to really commit to the collection of new work that you have, and finally shed the old stuff. This is the molting. Slough off the old skin and leave it behind. Oh look, now you're a beautiful butlermfly. [worst joke of the day award] It's a challenge to be really clear-headed about your old stuff, so I'll highlight what's headed for the trash.


1) When you go into the doctor's office...

2) 2012 global crisis

3) Intensity

4) Pedialyte

5) Advancing our ambition

6) Exceptional service to us


In addition, there are a few cuts that you can leave in, but need to be trimmed to just their most interesting moments. Really, you want to get rid of these too, but until you've got more new work, you can maybe salvage a few frames here:


1) Where we work, how we connect

2) Our solutions transform

3) Easily change background color


If you took all of this stuff out, you'd have a pretty short reel, but you know it'd be a good reel.


And as is pretty common, I don't think your intro is very intentional, which is a minus, but the animation is active and considered, which is a plus. If you could come up with an intro that means something to you, but is still beautiful and well animated, then you'll really have something.

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