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World Record - Fanta promo video (school assignment)

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If I may offer my suggestions - you are obviously trying to key the animation to the music - because it's quite slow it seems there's not a lot going on on the screen for most of the time. How about you break up the sentences and reveal them kind of word by word (akin to kinetic text). Things can aprear to the music, but they don't necessarily have to stop appearing when you're waiting for the beat to kick in - it's more about the rythm. The screen ith lightbulbs definitely need rethinking - you are using a circular logo - try arranging them into a circle - you can also arrange the type around a circle. In the rendezvous screen the type is definitely in the workg place - work on the typography a little- make it more readable - it's a long sentence in two lines. Spread it out a little. Why not use the cricle animation at the end for transitions?

That's my chaotic feedback. Good luck.

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