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Rigid Body Dynamics and spinning in cinema 4d

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I am currently working on an animation where a few thousand flat planes are being sucked towards a sphere that is a collider. Basically I am attempting to create a situation where all of the planes are slowly moving around the sphere similar to the way a cluster of thousands of satellite would surround and orbit the earth (http://www.onorbitwatch.com/sites/all/files/images/articles/space-debris-3-polar-orbit.jpg)



Since the planes are flat they want to come to a halt once they come in contact with the collider sphere, so to avoid this I have set their friction to 0% which allows them to keep moving BUT I am also getting this problem where each flat plane is now spinning very rapidly which I do not want them to do.


Is there a way to put a damper on a certain type of motion such as rotation or any way I can more carefully control the motion of the planes using the rigid body tag that is currently applied or some other tag?


Any suggestions would be infinitely appreciated.



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