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motion graphics intro superman inspired

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Hmmm, as you can tell bardo, nobody really knows what advice to give. It would help if we knew a bit about your skill level and how you think you would like to go about it, as far as software you can use - the way you have worded your question suggests that you have seen some title sequence and thought "hey, I'd love to do something like that, but I've got no idea where to start" - in which case, just go ahead and say it, you're not going to lose any cool points for just wanting to know how people do this kind of thing. But why do you need it to be 5 seconds long? is it for some kind of intro to something you're creating, did a friend come along and ask you to create a logo sting for them?


I'm going to assume you're asking for the basics, so I apologise if I'm assuming you know less than you do. The reference that you posted would be fairly advanced if you're new to this, they used 3D software, probably something like maya (although most motion graphics designers prefer Cinema 4D, as it is more user-friendly and more designed for our needs). I suggest that you don't worry about that for now and play around in After Effects to get the basics, you can get some cool star and nebula effects if you buy the Trapcode suite - using the Particular and Form effects, and fly a camera through these. Note that is is never one 'right' way to do it - you can get good results by using the effects that come with After Effects.


Go to www.videocopilot.net and do a bunch of tutorials there - that'll give you the basics. Just remember, these are for learning how to use the software and it's features - there are thousands of others doing it that will get the same results. If you just do a tutorial and slap your logo on it for the world to see, people will recognise this and not look too kindly on it. Do a lot of different tutorials and remember the techniques that you learnt, then with this knowledge of how the software works, plan out how you might use these techniques for your own original purpose.


Another note - I'm just talking about technical abilities here, if you want to get into motion graphics it starts from the ground up. This means learning how to be a good designer before you start making things move, and having good original ideas to work with. Learn the skills involved in graphic design, photography, film-making and illustration to get a better grasp on what makes things look good.

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