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Thinking Particle collisions with multiple objects Cinema 4D

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I am currently working on a scene in Cinema 4D that involves a lot of thinking particles being fired into a field of asteroids and bouncing off all of the asteroids. Right now I have about 100 asteroids created using the cloner object but I am having trouble getting the thinking particles to recognize that they should be bouncing off of all of the asteroids and not just one- how can I properly do this? I have tried making a group that contains the cloner object and the asteroids and then applying that to a PDeflector but that doesn't seem to be doing the trick, any suggestions?


Also- if anybody thinks that this is a cpu inefficient way of doing things and I should be having the asteroid field be created using thinking particles rather than just a cloner object please let me know, would love to hear any suggestions as to how the scene could be setup more efficiently





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Check out "tp_particle_collision.c4d" in your Content Browser.

It's TP only, and it PPassAB's 2 different PGroups into a PRepulse&Bounce Node with a diameter as an alternative to real collision detection,

which does a fine job as long as the geometry of your Asteroids is more or less round.


Hope that helps,


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