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Spline Dynamics and Mograph

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Hi Guys,


This is my first post on here so I hope its in the appropriate place.


I've been trying to replicate the effect found on the breakdown of a piece posted on Greyscalegorilla, here's a link:


Basically I want to replicate the third shot in the breakdown where a bunch of cubes fly out, it looks like under the influence of a plain effector, while splines remain attached to the cubes at one end while anchored to world zero at the other. The splines all have spline dynamics and move and wiggle convincingly based on the movement of their respective cube, gravity, etc.


The only way I've been able to make this work is by manually animating each element, and this video leads me to believe there is a way to automate this process through mograph, just haven't been able to make it work.


Any advice on how to achieve an effect like this as mograph-automated as possible would be greatly appreciated.



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