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Please Help Me Search for Some Mograph

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Hey guys, just a a quick question. I'm trying to search for examples of mograph. You know, the kind where there are small vignettes centered in the screen that build and morph from one to another in quick succession. Is there a name for these? Do we need a bigger vocabulary in our industry so we can search for things quickly?


Please help. Thanks!



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Thanks Rich,


Yeah, these are the kind I am looking for. I was thinking there were examples that were even more confined to a central circle, but I forgot that the Waiting for Superman was so close to that. There are still some examples I'm looking for, like some quick number builds for some festival, etc. So far I've found a few that more or less illustrate what I'm looking for.


Base80, these are the closest I have found.



Like this, but less character based.



Like this, but more complicated design and more fun, snappier animation builds.


Basically these, though. Anyway, I guess these are okay for now. I was just hoping to find the better ones that I know I've seen somewhere. Thanks everyone.

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