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Creating an LED mapping in c4d, pixel accurately

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I have a project where I'm creating visuals for a cubic array of LED's, basically a strip of LED's down all the edges of a bunch of cubes.

My plan was to UV map the LED strips as 1 pixel wide strips as they will be driven by video, the pixels being mapped out to the real world pixels.

I've come to do this and have discovered that c4d likes to blur textures, so that my 2d map of 1 pixel thick lines looks blury in the UV editor, and also in renders like that on the object. I have set the material properties to None in the sampling box, and the preview in there looks right.

Is this possible in c4d?




is a link to the project, going to UV edit, and zooming the texture to 100%, and it looks blurry, and this seems to be how it renders too! I'm hoping theres a setting somewhere I dont know about!


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