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You Bet Your Ass - GFX Open

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Wow, how in the hell did you model, animate, composite and render this in three days? Good job!


Thanks! A clear plan, caffeine and having fun helped.


Project came in EOD monday, went straight to design the type layout, (while thinking about what to do do visually) took the night to build most of the structure, worked on the the camera animation. sent a rough to the client. afternoon tuesday. finished building out the rest of the piece and set everything up for render and compositing.

took wed to apply their notes and revise the animation (vo came in) finished compositing and finalized. (and off to do other loose graphics)

Luckily the client understood the urgency and wasn't all that picky.




my C4D scene had no lights, low anti-alising, and no blurry reflections. had to be pretty aware of my poly count. It all paid off with a fairly fast render.

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Out of curiosity, what kind of rig did you use for the camera animation? Was it one continuous camera or a composite of a couple?

it was one continuous camera move.

I had my camera a child of a circle spline.

The spline controlled the rotation and Y position. while my camera managed its Z position and camera rotation.

keyframes began to get a bit sloppy towards the end. =/


I'm sure it couldve been done cleaner. (im on R13)

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