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Bharat Sarwiya

THE CREASES OF ADDRESS - Short Film by Bharat Sarwiya

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I am a Mumbai based artist/ designer.
I have recently completed a short film based on an old poem of mine.
The Creases of Address



Music: SADNESS COSMO by Bruno Philippsen ( Passo Fundo, Brazil )
Narration: Chris Vail
Based on an old poem of mine:


Sharp strands of wind skipping the daylight. He stands there…
holding the silver horn. Herds of people converging through the narrow
escape route… announcing the arrival of the ready and quick.


Look behind your shoulder and smile back at them… they are tired and
hurt. Aeroplanes keeps blocking the sky, filling it with moist dust.


Read the creases of these addresses… spinning out your dreams… my
dreams… reaching out to the golden bridge.

We are here and waiting… for them to understand all these
stupid things near you and I. Reading threads of memories… walking away from our

Stop him before he breaks the horn… This should be simple for you.




Thanks and warm greetings from India,


Bharat Sarwiya

Edited by Bharat Sarwiya

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Interesting work! The visual style is pretty striking. Can't recall seeing an execution quite like this.


I'm no poet; the abstract nature of the words left me wanting to watch it again to try to decipher their meaning. But something about a handful of those shots made me feel deeply uncomfortable. I didn't really want to, but in an attempt to understand why I did watch it again. I think it's just a visceral reaction to the insect like compositions and textures. It's definitely still a cool piece.


There are a few technical things that seemed like they could use touching up. Some of the tracking seemed a bit off, and some of the clone stamping felt too obvious. The scaling of things like the eyes or skin really highlighted differences in resolution, and certain shadows were very obviously 2D when they were trying to be 3D. None of these things broke the piece, but they were distracting, and I think it would stand stronger with more attention given to them.

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