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Ae Expression - 360 rotation to percentage

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Hey all,


Couldn't find any forum about this.


I want to parent a line to rotate with a radial wipe transition. Would be best to attached both to a slider. Any ideas?




Any idea what the expression is to convert 360 rotation to 100%?



thank you,


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Some Algebra will do the trick. So it's simple cross-multiply and divide like this:



---- = ----

360 100


R is your rotation value and P is your percentage value. So when cross multiplied gives us:


100*R = 360*P


then divide to isolate your desired variable, in this case R


R = (360*P)/100


and there's your expression.

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That is your full expression. Just replace the P variable with your percentage property from your transition effect. If you just drop this directly on your rotation property you can ditch the "R=" part of the equation or just put an "R" as the last line of your expression. Either way should work.

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