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Hey Guys!


Im Martin from Germany and im going to be jobless in juli 2014. At the moment im finishing my traineeship as an Audio Visual Media designer, it took 3 Years. For everyone who dont know what it is, its a system in germany where you work 3 days in a week, and go 2 days to school. After 3 years you have your exams and you are an official Designer and so on. In my job it was mainly after effects work and camera operation.


My Passion is Motion Graphics, means i work with AE and C4D. Since im going to be Jobless and i see alot of job offerings outside of germany, i wonder how i could call myself? Am I an Motion Graphics Designer or 3D Artist or other names for it? Down you see my beta of my Demoreel what i will finish to send applications. I would be very glad if you could watch my reel, and tell me on what job openings i could apply.


I Love broadcast design, i love to build fictional domes, like you will see in the reel within the first 3 sequences. I could imagin even to work in the architectural part of 3D and so on.


Im excited to see your post! Thanks!



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Motion designer, broadcast desihner, animator, etc. I think most of us here have trouble titling ourselves. I have even seen business cards that read "panda hypnotist" and "potato jester".


You could easily land an entry level job with your reel. You have much more content than the average graduate. Apply for whatever description you feel would be a fit for you and let the employer worry about the title.

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make everything in your reel faster and make sure its under a minute in length.


as for your question. Call yourself whatever you want. As Aromakat said, there is no standard name for what we do. It just depends on what you are leaning towards doing. You'll drift naturally towards the things you enjoy more as you keep working.


I think for now you can call yourself a motion graphics artist/cg generalist.


the major difference from what i see. As a motiongraphics artist you deal more with creating motion graphic elements for bumpers and stuff. A cg generalist is more towards animating stuff like animals, characters and doing some vfx work.


so as a sample if you want to make a bumper for a national geographic show. you get a motiongraphic artist to design it, and you get a cg generalist to help with animating the stuff that is more complex. So for example a shark and water splashes. while the motion graphics artist fine tunes the final look and camera angles along with any flying logo's.


But the same person can do the whole workflow obviously. But from what i see in job posts. if they post motiongraphics artist they want someone to be more responsible for the final product, while the posts looking for a cg generalist are more about where they need assistance on more complex parts of the project.

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