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30 Days of After Effects Tutorials - Begins August 4th @ School of Motion

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I am beyond excited to announce that I will be launching a relaunch campaign for my site, School of Motion, called "30 Days of After Effects." The campaign is being sponsored by my dear friends at the Department of Motion Design at the Ringling College of Art & Design.


I know alot of you are pretty damn knowledgable about After Effects already. Some of the videos will be geared towards beginner to intermediate users, but some will go waaaaaaay down the rabbit hole and try to show some pretty fancy ways of animating. For example:



MIDI-Triggered Animation in After Effects (preview)


You can check out the site for some more details and previews. The videos will be released one-a-day every Monday-Friday for 6 weeks starting August 4th.


This message board has been so instrumental in my mograph career (as I know it has for many of you guys) and I hope there's some interesting knowledge you can gain from 1-2 of these videos.


School of Motion


Thanks everyone!





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Dat song!


On another note–It's nice to see polished videos like Joey's. Too many people hit record without taking the time for prep and lack a good mic.

Keep it up,


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