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If you have any suggestions or advice would be nice to hear them.


There are a lot of moments where the animation kinda goes still and lingers. I think the reel presentation could go a lot further if you try to set a target runtime of 1:00, or :45 seconds even, and keep your cuts tight to only show a lot of action.


Also, the music isn't really complimenting the pacing of the edit. In the first two shots and at 1:05 you start playing with using the song, but you could massage your edit into the music throughout. Having tightly cut footage would help.


:26 - :47.... I know the lull of that part of the music is a big part of what the song is, but for purposes of a reel I feel there are other parts of the song you could splice in there to keep the energy up.


Just my thoughts, since you asked.

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