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Damn, man. Your style is phenomenal. Normally I'd say the demo reel is twice as long as it should be--I tend to totally tune out around sixty seconds in--but I watched right to the end, so kudos. So, to preface this: this is all damn fine work.


Anyway, some criticism: the information hierarchy of the site is all over the place. Having focused projects appear inline with the main page content is just kind of confusing. Without clicking on anything, it's already a really dense page. The moment you click on something, it's just overwhelming. Some more white space would help a lot, but if it were me, I'd drop the AJAX-y aspects and have projects appear on their own pages. Right now, it's all sardines--let your work breathe a little.


I found the "This website loves handheld devices" message at the top really off-putting. Not only did it feel like it added to the density, it also felt...pushy? I don't think a website being mobile-friendly is something that deserves special attention. The initial impression of the site would be a lot stronger without it.


But back to "damn". So much great work.

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