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C4D more clones at each collision

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Hi all,


that's what I'm trying to achieve: I have some balls in a cloner and I want them to bounce on a plane; then at each collision I want to be able to augment the number of clones and to actually switch the type of balls. All this keeping the dynamics working. The easiest way I can think so far is cheating it with some cuts between different scenes. But I'd like to know if there's a (quite) easy way to make it all work as I need in realtime as i press play on C4D's timeline.


I'm looking through this Tim's post here: http://helloluxx.com/tutorials/cinema4d-2/cinema4d-thinking-particles/thinking-particles-emit-on-collision/


What would you suggest? Is Tim's way worth for my case? I'm trying to adapt t to he cloner object.


Thanks! And have a nice weekend!



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Thanks a lot guys,


I will look into X-particles this next holydays, I haven't, yet and I really want to. I knew that somehow x-particles would help me.


A lot of interesting stuff on your blog Simon! Thanks!!!



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