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New Reel! Would love feedback!

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I need to lay into you a bit on this one. I know you are a student and still learning, but the best bit of advice I can give you is to stop doing knock-offs and imitations of existing work drawn from the world of motion design. Expand your horizons.


Your intro card looks like a lazy version of the plenty intro card, colors and everything? Also, the dexter knock-off, the ESPN and SyFy name drops? You can imitate and recreate existing stuff, but what can you do on your own? It's a crutch to throw big name brands into your student pieces, it relies on the viewers exiting knowledge of the brand in an attempt to make your work seem better than it is.


I'd much rather see you create an animation based on a short story or song or poem you really like. Binky just posted a new video on drawing inspiration and finding reference, you need to watch it. You definitely have talent and production skills, show us how creative you can be as well.


I really dislike how design schools create these spec piece assignments based on huge brands, they are doing a huge disservice to their students. I would love to hear what others think about this. Not Eddy's reel, but the idea of these spec piece assignments.



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I agree with sbmotion.


Your ability to execute within the software isn't being questioned, and the reel was initially impressive, but in this case only led to dissapointment. I didn't pick up on the Plenty knock-off intro, but if thats the case its something to change asap.


For me, I watched the reel and went to your site. After watching the full pieces, something felt a little off / unfinished about everything. It wasn't until after I dug a bit deeper that I realised this was all spec work, which was heavily influenced by existing art. After realising this, I was immediately turned off and felt a bit lied to, to be honest.


If you do spec work, be sure to pick brands, movies, etc lower on the totem pole. The lower-profile the work is, the more believable it is that it was a real gig. While you don't necessarily need to disclose whether something was spec or not, but you need to be very, very careful with that. You don't want to be caught in a lie when asked, which even if you never said it was a real gig would feel like a lie if someone dug deep enough.


I know its a catch 22 at this point... you need work to show and the only thing you have at this point are rip-offs... So keep what you have for the time being, but update the site to be extremely clear that this was spec student work so nobody is surprised or disappointed when they finally do figure that out. Make it a priority to replace the current work with new and fresh creative, and rid your work of everything spec that took queues so heavily from existing campaigns as soon as you can.


Also, I just want to be clear that there is a difference between spec and ripped creative. Spec is perfectly fine, but when you are copying creative & art direction from an existing campaign verbatim, it doesn't serve you any good. Pick a few products that don't have ad campaigns, and develop a few on your own.


A good project is to pick a radio spot that doesn't have a TV presense and create visuals for that. It gives you underlying audio to work with but forces you to create the visual components that nobody has done before.



*Update: Also, I think you have a great last name for playing off of for personal branding, assuming its pronounced 'Neat-Oh'.

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Yeah man, you didn't work on Moonrise kingdom or The Knick/Dexter and it's REALLY obvious you're just recreating popular content. You can obviously make good looking stuff but what this says to me as a potential employer is that I'm going to have to tell you exactly what to do and won't be able to trust you to think for yourself.


You do good work you just gotta do YOUR good work.

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