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to suck in objects from a matrix dependent on their position ?

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Hi everyone,

I’m looking for a way to suck up evenly arranged Objects(hexagons) from a Matrix into a tube. It’s important that the Objects from the Matrix that are closest to the tube, get sucked in first. Furthermore I want to keep the objects from intersecting and align them in a way so that only one object at a time fits through the entry point of the tube.


My current Setup consists of a linear cloner that gets scattered to the top by the falloff of a random effector. When I animate the cloner down in position, the scattered Objects move together and align linearly. Unfortunately the aligning of the objects in a matrix is not possible with this setup. Also the sucking in of the objects is random and does not depend on the objects position. I’m stuck here and would highly appreciate any help if you got any Idea how to set this up. A different approach with a grid array, rigid bodies and an attractor didn't lead to the desired result either. Thank you very much in advance for any hint.



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