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Learn How to Model and Animate Toothbrush Bristles

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Hey Everyone,

We've published a new series by Vic Garcia showing how to use Cinema 4D's Hair dynamics to animate toothbrush bristles as they brush teeth.

Watch and you'll learn how to:

• Use the Cloner Object and CV-Boole Tools to create the bristle growth areas on the toothbrush
• Quickly create a UV map for the bristle growth area in UV Edit
• Easily create a color map for the bristles in Bodypaint 3D
• Stylize the toothbrush bristles with the Hair Tools
• Save time by using Dynamic Interaction Tool to quickly adjust hair parameters
• Import set of teeth and add Hair Collision Tag for bristle interaction
• Use Cappuccino to animate the toothbrush using Mouse Motion Capture

This tutorial is exclusively available to premium Cineversity members

Check it out: Modeling and Animating Toothbrush Bristles

The Cineversity Team

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