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C4D not shadowing geometry.. or something..?

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I'm at a loss here, tried everything I could to get this to work but no luck. Have a background I want to comp in AE but I'd like some shadow details along with it, for some reason I keep getting these "unshadowed" sections. I have the back geometry set as "compositing background" so i can get a clean render.

The only thing I've noticed is when I uncheck "comp background" those sections are dark, like it's the naturally dark area of the geometry because the light is not lighting it... but don't get why shadows are ignoring it.




If anybody knows any tips that could help, I'd love to hear it.


Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Mylenium, are you thinking of Shadow Correction? If so, I tried that and when the multipass renders for those edges it's totally black instead of what I was hoping to get.


I'm thinking by default what I'd like to get is kind of impossible, as it's more like the shadow is projected thru the object. So of course it wouldn't show thru in real life situation, a shadow doesn't show past an edge that overlaps. But I was hoping that C4D had some way of cheating that to help with compositing over real footage since those sections really stand out as something not right.


This is what I was trying to do:



have the shadow's edge just continue along the steps.


I did hack it somewhat. Took the one light and checked on "Ambient Illumination" that seemed to make the shadow do as I want, but it also got rid of the highlights. So I knocked down the Intensity to "1%" (0 turns it off totally) and then duplicated the same light and set it all back to normal without shadows.




It's lighter than I would have liked but the finished product with the footage placed under looks more realistic. Might try playing around with Area shadow instead of Soft to see if it gets better results. Might have to switch from Infinity to another type of light source to get it a bit more feathery since I just keep getting sharp shadows with Infinity.

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