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Trapcode Suite 13: What's new and stuff

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I just thought I'd pop in and drop a few notes on the new Trapcode Suite. Starting with the TL;DR:

TAO is new. Make 3D geometry from 3D light paths. Reflections, IBL, repeaters, more. Kinda like if MIR and 3D Stroke had a baby.

MIR: a few new things, you can loop and control your fractals a lot better, render quads, do a second wireframe render pass. Much better VRAM management for hefty cards.

Particular: The brand new "Effects Builder" pop-out window. Preview your settings in real time, browse and save presets and "blocks" which are subsets of categories (much like MB Looks).

Shine: Connect to 3D Lights without having to use expressions. Mix fractal noise with shine automatically. New color maps.


Sound Keys: Almost forgot this. New color mapping and quantization of the meters. Turn on and off UI elements to isolate the meter outputs.

What's new in Particular 2.5:


The brand new Trapcode TAO:


Here are the resources for TAO: http://www.redgiant.com/products/trapcode-tao/resources/




What's new in Trapcode MIR:


What's new in Trapcode Shine: http://www.redgiant.com/products/trapcode-shine/whats-new/


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