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On doing freelance board pitches to studios. (from binkey/carey)

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danbraga [5:04 AM] As I'm still doing my baby steps in this industry, I never quite wrapped my head around the aspect of pitching for a studio. Please enlighten me @carey. I always imagined a production studio to have inhouse AD's and CD's to develop the look and feel of a project, so how does this work when you pitch for someone else to produce? Is it basically helping out the AD/CD of the production?

carey [7:35 AM] @danbraga: I only get a call if the studio can’t handle the pitch entirely in-house at that moment. Maybe because they have too much going on, or because they’re looking for something outside of their wheelhouse, or whatever their reason is. So I imagine that lots of that work gets done internally, and freelancers get the overflow calls.

carey[7:38 AM]If you’re pitching for a studio, they can come to you with whatever info they have about the project, or they can come to you with a blank request like: "yo, bruh, we just want you to make something rad for this show open, bruh.” To which I may respond: “Bro, gettin rad on shits is what I DO, bro!"

carey[7:41 AM]Typically, I get the call, I get a little info about the project, and a timeline. Maybe they’re local and I go in to work on site, or maybe they just need them boards and I do them in my underwear at home like a real businessman. Either way, I may work on it until I have something I can present to whoever’s running the project. Just something good enough that they can see where it’s headed and either go with it, make some adjustments, or politely kick my ass to the curb.

carey [7:49 AM] Deadlines are usually fairly tight, not necessarily just because they need to send the pitch in, but also because they want to pay for as few days of work as possible. So there’s not much time, and the jobs I do typically require that I come up with a compelling idea by myself and then work that whole thing into a series of images that are going to inspire confidence in their client.

carey[7:54 AM]In the end, I send them the frames, and they put together a pitch package with lovely things to read and look at, and i send in an invoice. If I know the studio well, I might hear about how it went, or I might not. Usually not, and considering that my part is just one part in one pitch amongst multiple studios’ pitches, the likelihood that it died in a wastebasket is fairly high. But most studios treat the work as their property at that point, so it’s not uncommon that it might get frankensteined for some other project.

danbraga [7:57 AM] Sweet! You're the guy to ask to answer shit

carey [7:57 AM] In my own experience, if it wins the project and moves forward, it’s pretty rare that I’ll be asked to have any more involvement in its direction, production, or otherwise, because I tend to turn down production-side work cuz it drives me a little batty. But I know in-house designers get pulled to work on their winning pitches at lots of studios, and sometimes freelancers get that same callback

carey[7:58 AM]dude, i’ve got a junky youtube channel where i just prattle off shit i’ve figured out about this stuff. If you like me talking and making lousy jokes, that’s your place hahaha

danbraga [8:00 AM] That cleared up the confusion. It sounds really appealing to me. I love developing ideas and visual language. Not sure what I think about the whole "heres my baby, do whatever with it" though. But I guess thats the price to pay for skipping the tedious production phase

danbraga[8:01 AM]I've seen your vids man. They're sweet as

carey [8:02 AM] wait, you’re no newbie. We talked about your stuff on mograph like way long ago. I’m binky over there. I don’t know why.

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