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New PC for Octane/C4D/AE

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Hi Guys!

I´m building a new computer to render with Octane+C4D and compose the output in AE, with heavy emphasis in GPU power for Octane.
What do you think overall? your opinions are more than welcome.


I have an extra SSD m2 for the AE cache and 128 GB ram.

Also a raid with 2xSSD mirroring for program files and working footage. An extra tera HD would be use as archive.

Do you think the processor would do well with AE and C4D?
Will Octane benefit at all from an extra SSD for cache? And from the 128 GB Ram??
Do you think cooling can be an issue with the current setup?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Video cards: 4x MSI GTX980 TI Gaming 6G 6144MB,PCI-E,DVI,HDMI,3xDP
Processor Intel Core i7 5960x LGA2011-v3 20MB Cache 3,0GHz
Motherboard: MB ASUS X99-E WS (Int,2011,X99,CEB,DDR4)

Cache Disk SSD 256GB Samsung M.2 PCI-E (o.Adap.) 950 Pro Basic
Storage WD 8.9cm (3.5") 1TB SATA WD1003FZEX 64mb Black
OS/Working files 2x SSD 512GB Samsung 2,5" (6.3cm) SATAIII 850 Series Pro (MIRRORING)
RAM 128GB 2x DDR4 64GB PC 3200 CL15 G.Skill KIT (4x16GB) 64GVR Ripjaws

Power Lepa 1600W G1600-MA-EU 80Plus Gold "Modular
Case: Geh CORSAIR Midi Carbide Air 540 Cube (black)
OS Win Pro 10 64Bit DSP 1pk
Cpu cooling WAK Corsair Cooling Hydro Series H110i GT Watercooling

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apart from the Lepa psu everything sounds awesome.


spending this much money might as well get a EVGA. no point of risking your system getting burnt over a couple of bucks..

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Looks very similar to the workstation I'm on now. +1 on the PSU. The EVGA in this has been great.


128GB RAM may be a little much...we've been fine with 64GB. Octane won't care too much about the cache drive, but overall C4D/AE performance will.


You may need some additional fans...basically you will want to use as many as possible in that case (or any case with air cooled 4xGPUs). I've liked the blue LED corsair fans...just remember to get the SP (static pressure) versions for your intakes and AF ones for exhaust.

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