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Motion Graphics Reel for VEGA Conflict

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Hey guys!

I work at a mobile gaming company and my chances to do motion work are fairly slim since I do more editing than anything else here but I wanted to at least share what I've been able to put together and listen in on your feedback.




These pieces usually come to life within a short time frame and done on my own to help support a specific event or new feature. Thanks for checking it out if you do! The rest of what I've done can be found here:



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I think the video game reel works well, and more game titles under your belt will make this feel exponentially more grand over time.


When I scrolled down in the site, though, I got mixed feelings. I was kind of excited to see what was a whole lot more work but was kind of left disappointed. Not regarding the work at all, by the way. Just the presentation of whats there to see. I kind of expected to find a lot more game work, in any way shape or form, but instead clicked links with long scrolls of content that didn't really go anywhere. So each click on a link was a gamble, and I felt like I was hunting through weeds to find ones of interest. For example.. The Aliance. I see that thumbnail, click it... have to scroll down, and it turns out to just be the thumbnail again. Thats all I get.


At this point, I think turning the portfolio on only video games will help a lot. Becoming an industry specialist is definitely not a bad thing, and I'd really ride that wave for as long as possible now that you have caught it. I bring this up because I feel adding your editing stuff in replacement of the smaller bodies of work presented on the website would go a long way in the overall presentation. There are a lot of experimental and personal projects in there, which is all cool and shows me that you have a bit of range, but it leads one to wonder if you are itching for work outside of gaming.


Instead, I'd think it would be cool to see you whole-heartedly embrace that world. Make it yours.


Sorry if going off on the tangent I did is completely misplaced. Maybe you hate the game world and are trying to pivot out of it or whatever the case may be.

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