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All Cinema 4D NAB Rewind 2016 Available!

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Hey Everyone,


We've just released our sixth and final volume of archived NAB 2016 presentations. Thank you to all of our amazing presenters who came out this year to NAB!


This batch includes talks by Athanasios Pozantzis (aka noseman), Chris Schmidt of Greyscalegorilla, as well as Graham Johnson and Thomas Brown of Vessel Studios.



Re-topology, Modelling & the Perfect Planet Earth with Athanasios Pozantzis

Deep Dive into UV Texturing and Anisotropic Metals with Chris Schmidt

Cellular Cinema 4D with Thomas Brown

Advanced Scientific Visualization with C4D with Graham Johnson



We also released the fifth volume of archived NAB 2016 presentations earlier this week. This batch includes talks by Joshua Michie of Apiary, David Ariew, Robert Wighting and Pixar.


Designing for VR with Cinema 4D with Joshua Michie

One-Man VFX Workflow - Holistic & Harry Star Potter with David Ariew

NVidia Iray and C4D for Architecture with Robert Wighting

Renderman for Cinema 4D with Pixar


Watch all NAB Presentations: NAB 2016 Rewind

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