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Cineversity Relases new Plugin: CV-Import Image As

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Hey Everyone,

We've just released CV-Import Image As - a new set of Cinema 4D plugins by Donovan Keith that dramatically speeds your ability to use images in your scene for everyday purposes.

Plugins include:
CV-Plane from Image: Loads an image or directory of images as perfectly-sized Plane Objects
CV-Sprite from Image: Creates sprites that auto-orient to your camera from images
CV-Background from Image: Imports videos and image sequences as a background plate - with the option of auto-adjusting render settings and project duration to match.
CV-Gobo from Image: Creates a spotlight object with your image as a gobo
CV-Material from Image: Create a material with your image pre-loaded in color, luminance, transparency, and alpha will automatically be turned on if your image has an alpha channel.
CV-Decal from Image: Streamlines decal mapping
CV-Foreground from Image: Brings a foreground Image or images into your viewport
CV-Sky from Image: Loads an image as a Sky Object

Check it out: CV-Import Image As

The Cineversity Team

Disclaimer: You will need to be a Cineversity premium member to download CV-Import Image As (this includes anyone with a current MAXON Service Agreement).

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