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Tutorials vs Personal Projects - The fine line when starting out

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Hi all,


I am just starting out with motion graphics and am seeking a little guidance so that I work and learn smarter and not just harder. I have a couple years as an in house graphic designer and went to school for 3d character animation, and so I have a little foundation on things like keyframing and 3d.


I would like to do things such as title sequences, promotional videos, commercials, explainer/infographic videos etc.


Where should I start? I don’t want to do too many tutorials and get stuck in that pattern, and I also don’t want to learn stuff that isn’t very applicable to what I want to do (or would be more beneficial to learn later). However when attempting my own projects, I almost feel like I am learning bad habits, doing time consuming things to work around an easy answer that I just don’t know of, and missing out on cool techniques.


In your opinions what are the best things to get a decent foundation on before jumping in on your own stuff. And when you do jump into your own stuff, what kind of projects are good to get your feet wet?



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