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Best way to have .aep files in an AE library?

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So im trying to build out a library with after effects files (.aep) as the main content. An Example is, we have a lot of things like webpages that need to be animated and they get used by everyone. So we made self contained .aep files that have the animations and we just import them into each project by going to File>import.


it would be way easier to just make a library that could house .aep files, but it seems l can't do that.. or maybe I'm not doing correctly... Has anyone done something like this?


I can obviously just add things like images, psd, AI, footage, etc to a library, but none of that stuff has the looks, animation attached to them, so its not really a template to save time. Id rather be able to go in animate that logo, save out a composition/ .aep and add it to the library then ever AE user in our team can use it without having to navigate our server to import each time.


Sorry if it sounds like in ranting, I've seen so many videos on just AE > premier and that doesn't help at all.


What do you guys do?


* i should say I realize that libraries can handle .aep files. So hats what I'm trying o figure out a good way to work



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