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inheritance animation blend problem

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hi guys

got a problem with the inherit effector

1) i got a tower of cubes ...they are rotating constantly

2) now i want to transfer the animation to another tower of cubes ... to achieve this i use the inherit effector in morph mode ... so far so good

3) when i now animated the strenght or the weight of the inherit effector the cubes start to rotate accordingly but the are kind of jittery too

i tried everything in my power to solve this problem (mograph cache morph for example) but nothing worked.

any hints?

thanks guys

scene file



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The cubes in the first cloner are set to rotate infinitely at 90 degrees per second (90 degrees per 25 frames) and then the weight of each clone is randomized.


The cubes of the second cloner are inheriting the animation of the cubes of the same index in the first cloner.

When you key the inheritance strength from 0% to 100% over 80 frames, the cubes of that second cloner are static and then over 80 frames they are catching up to match the current rotation of the cubes in the first cloner but after the time effector's offset cycle renews (every 25 frames) it seems to get confused and each clone resets to zero and catches up again until reaching 100% at frame 80.


The best way I can think of to fix this while retaining your current timing for the keyframes on inheritance strength is to make everything line up on a frame at the start of a second. Since your project is at 25fps, this would be 25 50 or 75. The popping is most noticeable around frame 50. (removing the random effector reveals that it is at frame 50).


I'm using C4D r19 and have linked to the file below. Here's a breakdown of the values I changed to get it to work:


Inheritance Effector: change the time of the 2nd key frame to frame 50 and adjust the easing or make the key linear.

Time Effector: Set the Strength to 160% and set the rotation to 56.25 degrees per second. (this stills produces a rotation of 90 degrees per second but allows you to put the end key of the inheritance effector on frame 50 instead of frame 80). The math used is 50/80 = 0.625 --> 90 * .625 = 56.25 --> 160% or 1.6 * 56.25 = 90)


Alternatively you could just skip all the math above and simply set the end key on frame 50 instead of 80.



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