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Face tracking to create rough geometry for particle flow and shadows

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Particles/Geo in C4d comping in AE 

So I am looking to create a particle effect (let's say 3D spheres for now) over live action footage that will be tracked to the corner of an actor's eyes and will flow across their face and behind them and away with the wind (think like they are running and the particles are kind of simulating a flow of tears). I was wondering if anyone knows a good way to create geometry for shadow catching on the face without doing it manually. The face will be turning side to side within 45 degrees each way.

The method I am planning on using is to build some rough 3D geo in c4d and manually animate it with the face just to use as a shadow catcher and object for particles to flow on - but would hope for something less time consuming. I was hoping to use AE facetracker and connect the points but it is 2D only. 

Any suggestions would be helpful!


Planning on using native particles in c4d but might go x-particles if needed.

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