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My new reel

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Hi guys,

First of all Hello everyone, I have just found out about this community thanks to School of Motion and the podcast with Carey Smith.

I have assembled recently a new reel and I would appreciate your constructive critique on it. What could I do better?

Best regards,

Kuba Lu




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Hey kubalu, I’v re-discovered mograph.net also from the School of Motion podcast. :)

Regarding your real, I think that in general is very nice but I feel that theres some inconsistency in work quality. I would sugest you to edit out some parts. Quality over quantity.

The one where you see the african continent and a doctor/nurse walking is one of them. 

Choose only the best and make an effort to let go from the ones you are attached to. 

Keep the good work. 

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Yes, those SOM podcasts are really cool. I'm learning a lot from them :)

Thanks a lot for your honest feedback ! What do you think, what other bits would you edit out?

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Hey Kuba!

I have only heard people talk about mograph.net, but I wasn't aware that it was back up until I listened to the SOM-podcast today! Looking forward to learn a ton on here:)

First of all, I want to say that is is an awesome reel, and I like the variety of work you are doing!

However I agree that it seems slightly inconsistent. It looks like your style is closer to a handmade and rough feel, rather than the clean and minimalistic approach. Therefore I would probably leave out the clip of Walter at the whiteboard.

Also I think you should try to have your best work in the very beginning to get the viewer hooked, and and the very end, so that the viewer will end the video feeling awesome. That is why I would probably cut away the last clip of the cat/person/thing as it is pretty static, and put it somewhere closer to the middle of the reel. Then I would end it with the 3D model, as it is quite vibrant and dynamic - leaving a great impression. My favourite design of all is the green monogram animation; if I would see it earlier on it would have me more interested in your work. 

Another quick note would be that the video would feel more well rounded if the music would have an actual ending at the end tag, instead of just fading it off. I know that it is hard to find songs that match the length of the video, but sometimes you just have to try and mix it up by cutting and fading a bit. 

But as I said; awesome reel, and I love that you were able to keep it as concise as it is! 

Wishing you the best of luck with your reel and work :)

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