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Switch from mac to pc

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Has anyones switched from mac to pc recently?

Basically want to use gpu rendering for c4d & height maps in substance so need nvidia gpu.

my mac has been very reliable and is really silent even when using zbrush. concerned pc will be less reliable and noisey fan in comparison.

Appreciate any comments.



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buy stuff that says silent on it :)


Mine makes like zero noise. Wasn't totally intentional, but pretty surprised. main culprits for noise are cheap power supplies and cpu fans. so get bigger power supply than you will need. Then fans won't spin up for longer. most gpu brands have silent versions. Fans only spin up under high stress. 

also get a cpu cooler which has a large heat sink and google which are the most silent fans. I think noctua make the best from what i recollect. 

There are also cases with sound proof padding that should help too. 

standard plug: http://ace5studios.com/hardware <-quick run down of what each peace of the computer does. A bit our of date, but only thing that has changed is AMD cpu's seem to be pretty good value. But personally waiting for next gen. 

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