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This came from Tadanori Yokoo <-- an amazing japanese poster designer




there was just an exhibition at bergamot station of his that was amazing.

This is the era of reappropriation. it's really not that big of a deal unless it's blatently copied like the stuff belief was showing.


old twizzlers commercials used to have flying lips.

you and stardust have been caught!


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yow... that is blatant.  what's incredible to me is that someone would have to balls to do something so wholly unoriginal.  obviously we all share techniques and styles , a look at the reel section will reveal all the similarities in work being done today.  but i think that goes with the territory in a trend/style based industry.  there's going to be paint splats and shine and 2d cutouts in 3d space and deer heads and 3d graffiti and all that other great stuff.  but to blatantly and unabashadley rip an entire piece of work from concept down to execution... that's pretty pathetic.  the fact remains thought that you guys were the originators and whoever made that did nothing more than make a tracing and sell it as their own... i'm sure no one here is too impressed by it.  and the "unknown chinese television network" now was a very unoriginal brand which seems to go against the entire idea of branding.



even sharing paint splats and 3d is...unoriginal if self initiated.

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