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Guest Scorch

Total Post amnesty

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Guest Beaver







MMMI.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::M= MM





MMi::::::::::::::.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::.:: M

MM:::.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:.:::::::::::::::::::::: XM


IMM:::.::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::.=M

MM::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: :::M

XMT:::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::: : ::::::::::::::::::: iM

MiMi:::::::::: :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::.:IM

M::::::HH::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: M


MX:::::iMX:i::::iMi:iMH::XH::Mi:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: M



XXOXMMT:. ::T= :IMMMMMMM=iXMii:::::::::::::::::::::::::: MM


XMM::.:.:..::..:.:.::.:.::: ::XMi::::::::::::::::::::::::MX

XMMT::::.:.::.::::.::.::::::::.::XH:::::::::::::::::::::: M

HMX::...:..::..:.:.::::::..... :::XX::::::::::::::.:::::. M



XMI.. .:.::....:..::::.:: ::...::.:.MH:::::::::::::::::.: M

MM:. ::..::....::.::::::....:.:...:..MT::. ::::::::: :..IM

MM=:::::.::.:::::..::::.: .::..::..::Mi:::::::::::::::::: MM

MMI:::...: .::..::::::.:::::::.::::TM:::::::::::::::::::=MO

MH.: .::::.::.. .:::::iLMXX=::::.:.Mi::::::: ::::::::::.MM

MX:.:..:: .:.:.:.: :MMM:::..:::::.HM:::: :::::::::::::.MM

MM:::...::....: ::IMT:::.:...:.::.MT::::::: ::::::::: MM

M=::..::::..:::MM:i:..::.:...: ::M:::: ::: ::::::::::MI

MH::: :.:.: MMMM=:::.:.:...:....iM::: :::::: ::::::LM

MMMMT.::. ::TM:::::..::::::::.::.IM::::HH:::::::::::.MO

MM:LM::T:MT.:: .......:....:.:: TMMiXMT.MH:::.::::.:M=

M:. :::MMi:::MMMM=::::::.::..::=MMMMMMXMH:::.:::::MM

XMI: :..::=MX :M::.......:...:::.MXTHM MH:::.: :.XM

MM XMMI IM M ................:: :MIIM:::::::MMO

MMXXMILM .ML.= :.:::....:.:..::.:..:::MMT:::::TMM

MXMLMMMT::.:...:........ ....::.:.=.MMMM:::::MM

MHM=:: :.:::...::::.:...:.....:: =MMM==Mi::::M

MM=:::.......:.:.::.:.::...:.: :: . ::=M:: MM

MMi:=XMMMi::::...:::::.::.:::::::::..: ::Mi:=MT

MM=:I:: :iMH==:::::.::.:::::::::::::::.::MT:XMT


M ::::::.=I= .MX:..: ::::.::MX::::.:::.:. .XMMM

M:MMMMMMM=.:::: ::.::...:.MMIM::.:::.::..::::M

M=:: : ::::.==XMMM:XMMM=:::.::.:.::::.M

M=.IMMM )X M MMMMMM=:::..::..:::.::M

MM X MMM:MMMMMMMMM=:::.:.:.. .:.::::M


MMMMMMMMMMMMMX:. .:..::....:...:::.:iM


MMMMMMMMMI:::::.:.. :.::.::..........:..:..:M

M=: :..::..::.........::.......::.:.....: M

MMMi::::::.:.:==MMMMMMMMMT:.:.:::..:::..: OM

MM=::..: OMMMM MMMT:::....:.::: :M

M=::::MM MMI:::........:oM



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Guest Self_90

What should I eat for lunch?


- Special Cake


- Special carrot Cake


- Special chocolate Cake


Oh I'm gona have a gooood afternoon





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Guest Scorch

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Guest jasfish

It's kind of ironic that most of the people posting to this already have the most posts. :P

Edited by jasfish

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Guest F to the Soong

The bullet goes back in the gun

The bullet hole's closin this chest of a nigga

Now he back to square one

Screamin, "Shoot don't please"

I put my fifth back on my hip

It's like a VCR rewindin a hit

He put his hands back on his bitch

My caravan doors open up

I jumped back in the van and closed it shut

Goin reverse, slowly prepared

My nigga Jungle utters out somethin crazy like, "Go he there"

Sittin in back of this chair, we hittin the roach

The smoke goes back in the blunt, the blunt gets bigger in growth

Jungle unrolls it, put his weed back in the jar

The blunt turns back into a cigar

We listen to Stevie, it sounded like heavy metal fans

Spinnin records backwards of AC/DC

I give my niggas dap, jump out the van back first

Back upstairs, took off the black shirt

I'm in the crib with the phone to my ear

Listen up so y'all can figure out the poem real clear

The voice on the phone was like, "Outside right we"

So with my mouth wide, holdin my heat

Bullets I had plenty to squeeze, plenty for ya

'Cause Jungle said, "Block your on enemies the"

Hung up the phone, then the phone rang <phone ringing>

I'm laid in the bed thinkin 'bout this pretty young thing

Who left, she came back, her clothes just fell to the rug

She fell to my bed and gave me a hug

I told her, "No hell"

She talkin 'bout, "Me kiss"

Bobbed her head then spit the nut back in my dick

Started suckin with no hands, a whole lotta spit

Then got up and put her bra back on her tits

Got fully dressed and told me, "Stressed really I'm"

Picked up her Gucci bag and left her nigga behind

Walkin through the door, she rang the bell twice

I vomited Vodka back in my glass with juice and ice

The clock went back from three, to two, to one

And that's about the time the story begun

That's when I first heard the voicemail on the cell

It said, "Son we found that nigga we gotta kill"

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Guest silatix

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Suspendisse velit. Morbi vehicula tellus a justo. Nulla ut lacus. Suspendisse ligula libero, scelerisque eu, ultrices id, sagittis at, odio. Pellentesque suscipit eleifend risus. Nunc dui tellus, blandit venenatis, mollis ut, faucibus id, justo. Nunc vel ipsum. Ut consectetuer, sapien aliquet consequat condimentum, lectus sem egestas risus, quis elementum lorem massa eu ipsum. Curabitur risus nibh, scelerisque sed, suscipit quis, pretium id, libero. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit.

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Guest mute
What should I say?




just say nothing... you'll still get the post credit...



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Guest noodles

One night a man was getting very drunk in a pub. He staggered back to take a piss, whipping his prick out as he went in the door. However, he had wandered into the ladies room by mistake, surprising a woman sitting on the can, "This is for ladies!" she screamed. The drunk waved his dick at her and said "So is this!"

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Guest self90's_MiniME

Can I exchange my Airmiles for Post counts? so I can get up to my master's level?

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